Running group

Gahhh. Started writing a post and my browser crashed and I lost the big long exciting post, so if this is long and boring blame my browser!!! :)

Despite the thunder storms and hail of yesterday I went along to a running group. The weather was easing when I got home after work and I really was toying with the idea of giving it a miss but ‘Womens running’ magazine was waiting on my doorstep and I would have felt so awful reading it at home instead of going for a run, almost a traitor. So I got dressed and set off. I also knew if I didn’t go this week when I’d been psyching myself up all week, that I would never go. And it was actually fun!!!
There were lots of different people, of all abilities and we did some jogging, interval training (which was my favourite although give it time I’m sure I’ll hate it as much as the rest of the world!), a sort of team game where you had to go half way to meet your partner and some other steady pace running. It was really go fun and made me realise I’m a lot fitter than I give myself credit for which made me happy and really proud of myself (which is definitely not something that happens often!!). So I think I will become a regular at this group. Also there were about 16 people there last night which is apparently on the large side, and we all braved the weather!! 
Our homework from this group was to do a 10min interval run (1min fast, 1min slow) which I might try to do this eve or maybe goto the gym and do it on a treadmill (maybeee). 

The ‘Womens running’ magazine is also really motivating. It has lots of different people’s stories and tips, exercises, events, clothing - all you can think of! Feeling positive today. Definitely better than usual! Also there is a new 5k running every saturday in a park near me which is really good! Not going this week but next week fo sho!