Busy busy bee

Been incredibly busy this last month or so and over this bank holiday weekend decided to get organised! I have got loads to do so need to start prioritising! I installed evernote and emptied my inbox, sorting into folders and saving any important reference material. Evernote brings my super ocd side so much joy. I watched the secret weapon videos on how to GTD and each morning move my pending actions to the today folder and do them!
It means I’m not so overwhelmed with all the things to do cos they are in separate tasks which are attainable. Also if something isn’t done that day, I move it to tomorrow or another day and don’t feel guilty!

Either way. During this busy time, paleo has gone a bit out of the window. I’m really off food and have got lazy in cooking. Though I did make a mean curry tonight and am truly in love with cauliflower mash.

Paleo 678

So this week I’ve been pretty awol from tumblr cos I’ve been so busy with work!!! But I have acquired many new followers so wanted to say a big hello!!

So towards the end of this week my intake was less paleo! I did need a treat after my long week but also I’ve discovered white and dark pain au chocolats. They are heavenly. So I am going to let myself have one 3 times a week max. Either way I’m away from Wednesday going to the parentals for a week to celebrate my mum’s birthday so it will also be harder to eat paleo then. But I shall try!
Day 6 / 7 / 8
B: small bowl of granola / granola / 2 procuitto egg cups
L: too busy! Coconut cake at about 3pm / feta salad / bowl of crisps, ham and cheese
D: leftover steak dinner / burger and chips it was so delicious and well needed! / broccoli soup
S: pain au chocolat, few squares of dark choc / 3 x beer (ugh felt so bloated today! ) / mug cake!

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Have an amazing Wednesday/Thursday :)

Paleo days 4 & 5

So it seems my post yesterday didn’t work :(
Day 4 / Day 5
B: 2 egg cups / granola with strawberries and almond milk
L: left over dinner / leftover dinner with melted cheese
D: lettuce burritos with home made guacamole / steak, baked sweet potato and haricot vert with pine nuts
S: mango, 2 squares of chocolate, handful of granola, strawberries / strawberry smoothie, coconut cake, many squares of dark chocolate
I think that’s it my brain has gone to mush now. Sleep time zzzzzzzzzzz